Vista + Leopard on differend HDD

Hello, I heard easyBCD was good for multi-booting vista+mac OS on different HDD.

My problem? I don't quite know how it works. Now, on bootup I have the choice between vista and mac OS BUT if I select mac OS, there is a flashing "_" on the top left of the screen in the DOS window. This happens even if I change my HDD boot order (I must not do i I know). And thus I bring my second booting problem (since this is a multi-boot program and all), I NEED to have the mac OS DVD in the drive for it to boot. I get the prompt that ask if I want to boot from DVD I DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING, the countdown goes to 0 and MAC OS BOOT PERFECTLY FINE! How could I fix this annoying error?

Mak 2.0

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Wlecome to NST Kalarm.

Reading thru that thread will prove to be most useful. There is a issue with trying to get the Vista bootloader workign with Leopard right now. All is explained in there.



Mostly Harmless
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EasyBCD 1.7.2 works with Leopard, just in certain cases it has problems.