Vista + Linux + OS X


Can EasyBCD handle a triple boot Vista x64, Linux and Mac OS X 10.4.8? Are there any guides to walk you through such a beast?

Thank you
Thanks for the info! Unfortunately I already have Vista installed and don't really want to re-install that if I don't have to. Hope thats not a major issue.
Won't have to.
Just install OS X to its partition, boot into Vista, use EasyBCD to repair the Vista bootloader, and then go on to the next step :smile:
OK I'm finally getting around to doing this and just want to make sure I have this right.

I currently have 3 partitions on one hard drive. I have Vista x64 installed on the first partition. I should install OS X next on its partition, fix the bootloader finish the install instructions then follow the directions for installing Linux on the 3rd partition.
Hey Nnyan, haven't seen you for a while! Better late than never, I guess :smile: :lol:

Sounds about right - give it a shot, and let us know how it goes.
LOL yeah we just bought a new house and between work, the gym and all projects the wife has making it "ours" I'm running on negative time (26.5 hours stuffed into 24 = ). Been so bad that even though I got into the warhammer beta I haven't played it much at all.

Anyway gonna give this a whirl tonight (OSX at least) I'll post my notes (get ready for lots of questions!)
Congratulations on the new house, Nnyan; that's nice!

Good luck with the OS X thing, hope it goes well.