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I have Vista installed in my computer. I want to install Linux. when I will install Linux the program Grub will change boot configuration so I can't boot anymore vista . This is the reason because I downloaded Easybcd, but how to configure the new dual boot with Easybcd if the new Linux isn't yet installed???>.<
Hi Easyram, welcome to NST.
When you install Linux, make sure you use the "advanced" options when specifying the boot information. That will take you to an extra screen where you can tell the install to put grub in the Linux partition not the MBR.
Then use EasyBCD 2.0 latest build (not 1.7) to add an entry into the BCD. See the sticky thread for more advice.
And if you choose to let the Linux install do the default thing, which is install Grub to the MBR, then it probably will automatically add an entry to the Grub menu for Vista (usually it does).