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Yellow Folks!

I'm experiencing something weird with VIsta upon loading my administrator profile...which is the only profile on my laptop. It Loads into a temporary profile??? which is not my main administrator profile. I haven't lost any software, but since it loads in temp, i don't have my usual desktop settings, documents, etc.

I've tried restoring Vista from a past restore point, but the username screen keeps loading me into a Vista temporary desktop?

Any ideas would be welcome at this point. Thx?
Your profile may have become corrupted. Backup your files and settings if possible to another location on the hard drive and delete that account's folder. Login again with the account and it'll create a new profile from scratch for the user again.
I moved all my profile documents that are Local from C: to my portable Flash drive. And deleted all three Simon.temp.oo1. then if it's successful i will move the files back and restart. Is it possible to force Vista to load my administrator profile? Seems i haven't lost any data in my original Simon User directory.

Thanx for your help. Much appreciated.
Its still doing the same thing after following my instructions from the last post? Have you deleted all of the temp folders as well as the orginal folder where it is not saving? You need to delete the folder where it's supposed to be saving as well and let Windows re-create it so its setup with a non-corrupted profile in which you should be able to move back your files and use again as intended.
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Yes, i am trying just that exactly, kairozamorro, thx, I was able to delete all PC-de Simon.temp.001 and other odd numbered profiles. All but one, the one profile i am logged in as i suspect. I couldn't delete that last profile due to the admin issue. Note that i was always the admin on my notebook and that no other users have any profiles created. Vista just woke up one day and decided to be the admin for me, which is annoying me to the highest degree. My notebook was running smoothly before that happened. And i can't seem to force it back to my original desktop prefs and etc. I am doing what you advised me at this very moment. thx again.
Delete the main folder for the account outside of Windows. Like you said it is locked otherwise. You can boot from a Vista DVD/our recovery disc to do this. Go to the command prompt and change directory into the vista users directory where user folders (profiles & files) are stored, replacing userdir here with w/e the name of the directory for the account is:
cd /d c:\users
rmdir /s /q userdir
shutdown -r -t 00
Once you've deleted the account's directory and the computer reboots login again and check to see what folder its using for the account's profile. You can do this from the command prompt as well:
echo %userprofile%

I've rebooted and got my F11 system recovery, which allows me to access d: for the HP (OEM) Recovery partition and from there instead of system restore, i opened the invite command prompt option, this opens a DOS windows command prompt. it opens automatically in X:\windows\system32\ i typed c:\, which got me to a new command line alltogether. I then typed exactly what you wrote me, and hit enter, and it read - invalid entry, or specifief file location unfound. Have to admit that i dont use the command prompt often. So i'm thinking i made a mistake. i also tried c:\users and same result. So i got out after, and just rebooted again and Vista reloaded a temp profile for me to use. I guess i didn't wirte the command properly?


I created a new profile with administrator rights. And found an option for the environnement variables. (see printscreen) I'm thinking that i could modify or delete the TEMP. variables from there. ? and open in a new profile import my backuped files back. Would that resolve my issue?


With the new profile i just created. The .temp is no longer added to the folder name in the user directory, the temp message does not appear anymore, but the Rundll32 was not executed. And Desktop is exact same as temp desktop. Without administrator rights to temp directories.
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Follow the last post of mine to the letter and you should be fine, including given commands. Don't just type c: and expect it to navigate to c:\users...
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Firstly, after 23 hours of non stop work to not have to reinstall OEM settings, i finally think i managed my way around with the help of many info.

Meaning that i found out while reading over the web and MSN support that issues concerning Vista profiles and the corruption of the local and or (appdata) settings while exiting.

This link helped me alot.
User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile - Vista Forums

i post it so that it could help someone else in the same situation. But following all those steps did not fix everything. I had to go in System Registry, and delete the .bak in LocalHKEY and delete (SID) keys....most of the keys were created by the temp profiles everytime i would reboot.

Lastly, at this point, i've been able to retrieve all of my lost Data. from backup Flash drive, but prior to that i had to create a new Admin profile, and retrieve the file there.

Also, did this : in command prompt

The command to disable the autotuninglevel is:

- Click start, All Programs
- Accessories
- Right-click Command Prompt
- Click Run As Administrator
- Type the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled

And right now my notebook is working just fine in my new Admin user profile. Desktop and files are where they are supposed to be. I have deleted all the temp users in the Local Properties security settings. I also decided to take off the read-only attributs on that folder and sub-folders, create a new restore point since all is running smoothly, just in case.

Finally delete (old corrupted) Local profile, and leave full admin on my main Local profile.

And Restart.

Thanks you et Merci Beaucoup de ton aide.