Vista login problem after automated repair

I rather stupidly unplugged my laptop whilst it was shutting down and it wouldn't load windows properly afterwards. It got in but would get hung opening applications and gave a couple of blue screens.
I used safe mode with networking to investigate and followed advice to purchase a copy of the Windows Vista Recovery Disc. I rebooted my lappy with the disc in and ran the automated repair function.
It said it worked and so I rebooted and it's come up with an 'other user' option only for windows login. As things were before I made the mistake, I only needed the password to login and I have since forgotten what the username actually is. Hence I cannot login. I have tried all combinations I can think of and still no joy. System restore only gave options to restore to a point after I originally unplugged.
Is there anything you can suggest to help please? I have vital photos and work on my laptop else I'd just restore factory settings. I'd really appreciate any help you can provide.
Thank you


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Boot with the recovery disc and go to the command prompt/terminal. Navigate to your Windows partition's Users folder with cd and use ls or dir to see the usernames of the accounts on your system.


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