Vista + Mac OS X + Ubuntu Triple boot


I will be using BCDedit to get OS X and Vista to dual boot (Vista before OS X). So I need no help with that. After that I plan on creating an extended partition to house 2 logical partitions. From your guide I understand that I should install the MBR to the first logical partition. What is the proper way of finding out what partition number this is during the Ubuntu install? Then after I boot to Vista should the partition for EasyBCD be 0,4, taking into consideration that an extended partition counts as 1 and that the partitions are used in order of the install of the OS's.

One small complication that I thought I'd mention. I have a recovery partition at the end of the drive. Should I delete this or can I work around it?

Lastly I will be using Gparted to repartion my drive. Does this complicate matters?

Thank you,
nombre :smile:
My sugestion:
You will 3 differents OS instal on 1 HDD.
Make 3 partitions, and install first Vista on part1,then OSX part2,then Ubuntu on part3.
After latest instal of Ubuntu you get in Vista, and with EasyBCD make bootmanu.
Very simple and easy.