Vista MBR crash


Well, I somehow am unable to do whatever with an asus M51SN laptop.

The first matter was that a blue screen was appearing on each start up of window. So I've understood that there was a virus or something pretty bad on the Pc. So I started up the pc on safe boot and found out three virus. After this I've done a check disk to see if somethings was bad there too.

Well, this part is done and clean. After all this my friend's computer was working pretty well. Somehow, two days after this. The computer had a worst trouble. "Boot MGR is crash" I know that with xp it's pretty easy to fix, ( when you're lucky at least ). But with Vista, i've got this trouble once. And I've never be able to fix it, even with my laptop "recovery" cd, I've been obligated to format it. And my friend want to restart his computer. So I don't really care about this trouble.

So, I've found your link ( Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download The NeoSmart Files )

And now, I'm somehow unable to find out what I'm supposed to do.. Error : " E:\Sources\Install.wim" does not exist. Well I can't even use t his 32 bit recovery disk.

This computer was on Vista premium, is there any vista premium recovery disk? I'm out of idea from here. Could someone help me? uh =/

The Recovery CD we have here is not for installs. It holds and contains not install information. It is strictly for recovery of the boot loader and for use with Restore Points.

You will have to contact the manufacturer to get a replacement media.

I've found a vista 32 bit Install cd. but it sends the computer on the asus recovery. And the message "Error" is still here. I've tried to install Ubuntu instead of Vista. To reset the boot manager. Well nothing here, it works perfectly on every pc, but this one don't want to boot on ubuntu even if the cd is in it. ( I know how to configure the BIOS ). Well, I'm somehow unable to do something. Is here somebody that can help me out of this?