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Anyone know how to make WMC open directly into Live TV ?
At the moment I need to wait around for the MC to open, then click twice through the clunky menu system before the TV eventually appears.
WMC help mentions command line options to do just about everything except Live TV as far as I can fathom.
Has anyone else cracked this, or do I have to resort to installing the 3rd party TV software?
Gosh, I haven't used MC for ages.

If you go here, which is probably where you were going before, there are alot of command switches you can use.

You should look at the different swtiches - though I can't see a live TV one (there is a TV playback one), you could try something like "ehshell.exe /directmedia:livetv", though I have no idea if it will work.

You could try using a macro, or using a debugger or hex editor and working from there. My advice is just to have a play. Perhaps you could try it will the /? or /help parameter.

Other than that, not sure what help I can be.


Scrap what I said before. I found some M$ source and compiled this sample application for you. Enjoy.
Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
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Terry, give this a try.. launch it from the commandline as follows:

"MCE Customizer.exe" /mode %mode /state %state

  • StartMenu
  • LiveTV
  • TVGuide
  • MyTV
  • RecordedTV
  • MyMusic
  • MyPhotos
  • ScheduledRecordings
  • MyVideos
  • Radio
  • OnlineSpotlight
  • Extensibility


  • Last
  • FullScreen

The media center tray applet needs to be running.


  • MCE Customizer.rar
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Thanks a lot to you both PJ and Guru,
PJ your launcher worked a treat, but I've gone with Guru's because I can set it as a Quicklaunch Icon and do what I wanted (One click to turn the TV on). Set it with a TV Icon to run minimized, and I've got exactly what I wanted.
Another NST utility for the collection CG. (btw I don't have a tray applet, but it works fine)
Just tried it and all it did was bring up WMC (in Vista) but it didn't open TV. Same as my regular desktop/quicklaunch shortcut.
Interesting, Peter.... I think Terry's using Vista too, but I could be wrong?

What command line parameters did you pass to it?
I just used your MCE customizer.exe as it was. I'm not very au fait with command line thingies.


I don't think that I quite understand what it is I have to do, so ignore me...LOL
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You have to add "/mode ____ /state ____" when you run it.

Start -> Run:
C:\Media Customizer.exe /mode LiveTV /state Last
Oops - You need quotes around "MCE Customizer.exe" (and, of course, after copying it to C:\)

So it would
"C:\MCE Customizer.exe" /mode ___ /state ____
Heres my target info from the shortcut properties Peter (It is on Vista btw)
"F:\Downloads\Neosmart\MCE Customizer\MCE Customizer.exe" /mode LiveTV /state last
Sorry I missed the conversation, I've been out all day in the historic City of Bath.
And set it to run minimized, and you won't even see the command line window, just the TV will appear.
I'll have to do some thinking here. First off I have the exe in my Documents, not in its own folder, and it's drive M so the path should read, correct me if I'm wrong, as follows:
"M:\Users\Peter\Documents\MCE Customizer.exe" /mode LiveTV /state last
Eureka...thanks guys, it works a treat! Now I have it in Quicklaunch and under Neosmart in Start/All Programs. It also starts with the Command Prompt minimised as you suggested Tony.