Vista missing from boot menu at startup after Windows 7 installation


I had one HD two partitions (C: and D:smile:. C: had Windows 7 beta and D: had Vista. Both showed up in boot menu at startup.

I clean-installed Windows 7 RC using DVD into C: and chose to format C: during installation.

After installation of RC, the computer directly boots into RC at startup. I tried bringing up the boot manager during startup but only Window 7 is listed there and Vista is missing.

Can I fix this problem and bring Vista back to the boot menu to choose between it and Windows 7 at startup using EasyBCD? If so, how do I do it?

Thanks for any help and suggestions!
Do you see the Vista drive in My Computer?

If so, just run EasyBCD and add a Windows Vista entry with the right drive letter.
Yeah, partition D: where Vista was installed still shows up in my computer. I will try it when I get home and let people know if it works or not.

Thanks a lot for your help.


Sorry it didn't work. I chose the correct partition (D:smile: when I added the entry for Vista. But the View Settings automatically changed the Drive to U:. Windows 7 still loads without the boot menu for me to choose Vista.
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Are you using Easy 1.7 ?
There was a bug when adding a Vista entry and specifying the correct letter, it would change it to U (unknown). There was a simple work-around - just use the "Change Settings" tab and alter U to D:\.

This problem should not exist any more in EasyBCD 2.0