Vista Multiboot how to

John Doe

I would like to install multi OS on HDD. I would like to get help how to do it.
This are OS I would like to install:
Vista 64bit (for my work)
Vista 64bit (for surfing on Internet)
Windows XP 64 bit (for playing games)
Windows XP 32 bit (for other purposes)

I would like to know what is best way and right order to do it, like this:
1. Install Vista first (C partition)
2. make 3 more primary partitons (D, E, F) - what software does this, I think Partition Magic does not work under Vista?
3. make one logical partition for storing documents, etc.
4. install another Vista on D partition
- (can I clone partition to save time?)
- how do I boot into empty partition, what software do I need to use
5. install Windows XP 64 bit on E partition
6. install Windows XP 64 bit on F partition
7. how to make boot menu, do I use EASY BCD software
8. is boot menu appearing at start of computer (like DOS boot menu, without entering Vista first)

Please advise what is best and how to.

Your help is greatly appreciated.
With a bootable CD (acronis, partition magic, paragon, gparted, etc) make 4 partitions - all primary.

Install XP 32, XP 64, Vista 32, Vista 64
No, not at all, I have 3 Vista's installed here :smile:

It's possible to install _A_ vista first so long as you install another Vista last.

Make any sense?
Thanks for reply.

Ok, then I can install 2 or 3 Vista on same HDD.
My plan is to install on partitions:
C: Vista Office
D: logical partiton for documents, music, etc..
E: XP 64 bit
F: XP 32 bit
G: Vista Internet

Is this ok? Why Vista should be last? Any problem if not last?
I can do it, but makes no sence.

Please advise with partition drive letters, is it ok. Logical is D: (any problems I should expect?)

Vista has to be last because if you install XP last it'll overwrite the MBR and you can't boot into Vista. That's the way MS designed it.

Your configuration won't work.

You can only have 3 primary + unlimited logical or 4 primary. You can't have 4 primary + logical

You'll need to create 3 primary, and two logical
primary 1,2,3 are for 2 XPs and 1 Vista. Logical 1 is for Vista, logical 2 is for files.

Partition letters don't matter.