vista no boot- "disk error"


i was playing around with easy bcd and clicked something that popped up and said it would take effect next restart. When i did restart the computer, i got "Disk Error, press any key to restart." i think if i could just reset the boot setup, it will be fixed, but not sure how to. any help is greatly appreciated.
thanks, i booted from the vista cd and tried the auto startup repair, but it didn't work. It said it fixed the problem, but it still wouldn't work. I figured at this point I have to do it manually through the c prompt. unless there is another way to repair it through the cd


something else... before the disk error comes up... "AHCI Bios not installed!!" flashes. if that helps at all...


i follow the link but i get access is denied at "del C:\boot\bcd"
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Remove the attributes first:

attrib -r -s c:\boot\bcd

Before you advance with the command line I would recommend system restore first though if you've got any restore points.