Vista no longer detects my wired mouse if I move it


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In doing a successful hack to enable full Bluetooth compatibility in Vista (keyboard, mouse, phone, headsets etc. etc.) as per THIS link, I must have told Vista to "Don't ask me again" one too many times as now, if I move my wired mouse to another USB port, it isn't detected anymore - not even as an unknown device, but it does appear in Device Manager - Windows just doesn't want to install it though.

I managed to connect it using my Bluetooth mouse by double-clicking and then clicking "Reinstall Driver". I was rearranging what goes in what port, don't ask me why I do these hare-brained things.

How do I get Vista to re-detect it? It detects everything else OK.

I always like to keep the wired mouse and keyboard handy in case BT loses communication, which it is prone to do, especially in a triple boot situation.
Ignore... instead of just yanking it out and pushing it into another USB slot, I should have uninstalled it first in Device Manager.....oops!
I also had inadvertently told Vista not to check again for that it didn't. I forced it by locating the new unknown device in the Device Manager, clicked Update Driver and told it to search the hard it'a OK.

I also undid the hack. It wouldn't give me high quality Bluetooth audio.
That sounds good. Well done! It looks like there is something Vista can do... :smile: But still, I'm not moving anywhere from Linux :smile: