Vista on Main Notebook HDD & Linux on USB HDD


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I wanted to have the Vista on my notebook HDD and Linux loaded on notebook USB HDD.
However, I couldn't load the Linux without having the SuSe 10.2 DVD on my DVD drive.
Using the EasyBCD 1.6 to point to right drive for Vista and Linux, but still won't boot correctly.
One of other problem is that Vista won't recognize the Linux HDD.
However, Linux could recognize the Win Vista HDD.

Please help.
Hi wonderstar,

If Windows Vista can't recognize the actual, physical USB Drive that Linux is installed on - then EasyBCD won't work. However, if Vista sees the drive, but can't read it (since it's formatted with a Linux filesystem), EasyBCD will work just fine.

Anyway, if you are having any problems whatsoever, my recommendation would be to download the latest EasyBCD Beta (see stickied thread) and use it's "grubless-Linux" option to add the SuSe entry ("I don't have GRUB installed....").

Good luck.

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