Vista OSX Dual Boot Issues


New Member
Here is my configuration:
Drive 1: SATA Internal (Vista Installed)
Drive 2: USB External (OSX Installed)

I can boot into OSX if I set the USB drive to be first in the boot sequence so I know that this is working okay. However I'd like to avoid doing this and use the Vista boot loader. So I add an entry via EasyBCD for OSX and then change my BIOS boot priority settings back so that my internal/Vista drive is first. I get the boot menu with my 2 entries (Vista & Mac OSX). When I select Mac OSX I get a "chain booting error" message. I've verified that I have the chain0 file installed in C:\

Can anyone offer any help?

Hi mcnisiv,

I'm not sure if you can chainload OS X from an external drive; let me dig into it a bit deeper and let you know.