Vista & OSX On Two Drives?


So I just upgraded my rig to be capable of running OSX. Seeing as how I had a spare 40GB drive after the parts swap, I figured the best course of action would be to give each OS it's own dedicated drive. The OS installs (Vista first, then OSX)went off without a hitch (other than OSX not liking my USB kb/mouse, but whatever), but the problem I'm running into is setting up the boot manager. My drives are configured thusly:

Primary Master: 60GB Vista OS
Primary Slave: 80GB Music Storage
Secondary Master: 40GB OSX 10.4.7 OS
Secondary Slave: DVD-R

So the question is, where do I tell EasyBCD to look for my OSX install?
Hi zarathos, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

You don't "tell" EasyBCD where to look, it figures it out on its own - did you try and it didn't work or what?

In EasyBCD, just go to "Add/Remove Entries" -> OS X -> Generic x86 -> Add Entry

And that should work :smile:
Thanks for the tip...I guess it comes down to me being too smart for my own good (20 years in the computer industry will do that :grinning: ).

I didn't even try...just got to the point where it asked for the NTS file, and kinda had one of those "uhh, now what?" moments...
lol, I know what you mean:

"It *can't* be THIS easy!"

We've all had moments like that too :smile:

Give it a go, let me know what happens.

(BTW, what _is_ your avatar!? I've been staring at it forever, it looks slightly familiar, but I can't figure it out!)
Ok, tried it out, OS X looks like it's booting, but it never gets past the gray Apple screen (a white box with a slashed circle pops up after a minute or two)...I'm not sure what the issue is there, but I'll figure it out...:smile: )

My avatar started as a yin-yang made with fire and water that I treated with the Amazing Circle method (you can check it out here... )
Interesting.. :smile:

About your OS X: make sure your BIOS isn't using any special settings and stuff, that's known to cause isssues.
However, we can't give help on getting OS X itself up and running, that's "out of our jurisdiction" and we can't legally go there :smile: