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I have the vista and Mac part working ,the third part xp is not working .I have it on a L (letter) partition which is a external hard disk.When I reboot and go to xp it just goes to a dark screen and nothing happens, how can I fix this pls.


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Windows XP - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Have you read thru the documentation?

Also are you getting any specific errors or just a blank screen. IF so it could be your XP install is bad. Like from bad drivers or something like that. I mean jsut getting a blank screen doesnt tell us much. Doesnt mean it is related to EasyBCD in any way. Could just be a problem with XP.
You really should read the documentation more often before double-posting for help :smile:

And I quote:
Windows XP Documentation - Troubleshooting said:
Q. After choosing to boot into Windows, I get a black, blank screen.
No accordign to your boot screen that you uploded the 3rd entry is for XP. The 2nd Entry is for OS X and the first entry is for Vista. I have linked to the documentation which provides the answers.

You are missing a couple of files on your Vista partition that will allow for XP to boot.
Is the C:\ drive your boot drive? I am not talking about the XP Drive it has to be in the root of the first partition of the first drive. Yes most of the time that is the C:\ drive but you can have both Vista and XP recognized as C:\ drive.

So these files have to be on the Vista drive. As i see it looks like that is the boot drive.
Well if XP was isntalled to the External then there should be a boot.ini file on the drive or somewhere which contains the boot info for that install. That would be important info to know. Sice booting to a external device is tricky since the BIOS has to be able to boot from the beginning.

So let me ask this. Do you have your BIOS setup so that it can boot from a USB Drive?
You should have BOOT.INI and NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM on the Vista partition, regardless whether XP itself is external or not.

Your boot.ini needs to be configured to point to the correct partition. Most likely USB drives are considered to be a separate controller, so you'll need to play around with more than just rdisk()partition() values.
Ok yes I do have bios set to usb drive , it starts bootup and says cannot start os.
I have all 3 files mentioned and if zI need to play around with more than rdisk and partition values what values would I need on other settings.

I can't tell you that - you'll have to just try different values until you find one that works.