Vista / OSX


I install Vista on partition 1.
Then I install OSX on partition 2.
I reboot from the Vista DVD to repair startup.
I install EasyBCD in vista.
I make 2 entry one for Vista and one for OSX.
Now I get an boot menu with Vista and OSX, but when I choose OSX I get back to the boot menu.
What is wrong here?
This is the 4th week that i'm trying to make an dual boot.
All the install guides (insanelymac or others) are shit, Acronis does not work in vista also Partition Magic.
Can somebody give me an dessent explination, so it will work.
Is partition 2 a primary or logical partition?

Oh, and Acronis released an update to their software that makes it run under Windows Vista. You should download it, it works swell.
Am having exact same problem which i have posted about in other sections.

Primary Partition 1 is Vista <----installed last
Primary Partition 2 is OSX
Here's what I have found out.

EasyBCD won't bypass the Darwin Bootloader installed with most Mac OS X, so when you select your mac os from Vista's bootmanager, it actually loads another bootmanager installed with Mac
To test if this is true, when you screen goes black, hit F8 and you'll see a new screen come up.

This occurs because Darwin automatically selects the Active Partition, which is again your Vista, so it loads up your Vista BootLoader and you are caught in a circle

The only kind of fix I've come across is to
go into MAC:
Run Terminal
sudo nano /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/

Add the following lines:

Then CTL-O
Ctl-X to get out

This will give you time to hit F8 so you can select MAC,
of course, it's another Boot Manager so maybe we should just use it instead of BCD?
boazzj, that's a nifty tip there!

I'll add it to the OSX guide as soon as I can.
Though it probably makes sense to do this instead (if possible, I don't know, please correct me if not):

Delete the "other" entyr in the OS X bootloader
Keep only the OS X entry
Set the timeout to zero

Is that possible in the plist file?