hey guys i need some help on how to dual boot osx and vista i have used easybcd but i just need easy steps to do it right i the only way i can boot into osx is if i do diskpart
make my osx partition active for sum reason i only can have osx on a different partition but only on the hdd where vista is installed

Hi Andrew,

Can you be a bit more specific? What happens when you leave the *Vista* partition as active and use EasyBCD's OS X feature?
Hey computer guru thanks for the reply
i get a chain botting error ive put the chain0 file in the vista drive doesent effect anything
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i can only get it to boot osx when my osx partition is active and when my osx dvd is in my drive

and when i was in paragon partition manager it had an option to unhide my osx partition but i cant apply that as it is just a trial version
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Please don't double-post.

What this means is that the OS X bootloader was not installed to your drive; which means you didn't install OS X correctly.
This is a known problem with people using warez'd OS X install disks which don't even install it right.

NeoSmart Technologies doesn't provide support on installing OS X on a generic PC.

These install disks (like JaS) are highly modified to work on non-legit systems. These modifications often result in bugs like this - we can't help you getting that fixed. Different discs/releases have been modified in different ways and each have their own bugs. This particular issue is practically a JaS trademark.
sorry for waisting ur time im very sorry
lease i know what my problme is thank you computer guru is there anything i can do for u
No problem; don't worry about it.
Don't know if you know, but the forum you linked to (InsanelyMac) is a great OS X resource, with really helpful people.
yeah i know i did a thread but no one replyed

1 quick question so do u manage the whole website or have u got a team to work with