vista partion is not assigned drive letter c


after moving the vista partition on my hdd, vista is booting, but the partition of vista is not assigned drive letter c - instead l is assigned. What can I do? The problem of this is that it is not possible to load the profile of a user and many other things are not working correctly.

Situation under Vista:
C: no drive is assigned
D: Windows XP
K: Windows Vista

Windows Vista Setup:
C: Windows XP
D: Windows Vista

Thanks in advance!

By moving the partition tables around you corrupted the bootloader. You will need to fix that as well.

Thanks a lot! The problem is fixed. The mentioned MS registry zap was the solution for my problem. I had alread fixed the bootloader before.

Thanks again!
Happy to have helped, even just by pointing you to the right place.
If you have any dual-boot problems in future, visit again.
(e.g. If XP is destroying your Vista system restore points, you might want to look at the sticky thread for HnS)
It's always a potential problem when anyone clones a working OS to a new partition without planning ahead.
When I cloned my XP from the newer bigger HDD to the older smaller on my old system, in order to release the bigger disk as a backup medium for this new PC, I anticipated the potential problems of XP seeing a different disk layout (1 HDD, not 2) by creating a spare partition between the first 2 so that my (CEF) (DGH) partition layout (CEF was XP, DGH was ME) became (CDEF) and I used the 2Gb D as an exclusive page file for XP. When I booted it, everything worked straight away with the exception of missing restore points.
Of course, if you just take a working OS and clone it into the middle of an unfamiliar layout, results are going to be predictably unpredictable.
Yeah, I can see how lack of proper planning could screw you over somewhat... thanks for the explanations :smile:
I think Acronis TI tells you what the labels were for the partition images when you restore, but most here who clone would use a free alternitive without those capabilities I suppose.