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I just found this site today. I'm about to try and install Ubuntu on my laptop running Vista and I came across the instructions in these forums. I was about to shrink my primary partition in Vista when I noticed what looks like a smaller partition ahead of it. I'm thinking it's there for some reason -- does it contain the MBR and other impt info?...sorry, I'm not that technical.

Anyway, I'm wondering if the Ubuntu installation will wipe out this little partition and what exactly it's used for?



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That's put there by your OEM and is most likely concerned with the ability to "factory reset" the PC.
If you use Disk Management "shrink" to create a new partition for Linux, it will place it at the other end of the disk.
Thanks for the answer, Terry. If you look at the attached image, it doesn't appear as though this partition has anything in it? The weird thing is, you can't delete it. Again, I was thinking it might complicate the Linux installation, but I will shrink the active partition as you suggested and see what happens.
Because Windows can't see anything doesn't mean it's empty necessarily.
All "foreign" file systems apear empty to Windows.