Vista PCIe RAID1 OR XP PCI IDE RAID1: Not both!


I'm trying to get Windows XP Pro running a RAID 1 array off of a pair of IDE HDDs from a PCI card and Vista Ultimate running off of a PCIe1 card on a different pair of RAID 1 SATA HDDs but canNOT get a dual boot running!. I've edited with BcdEdit directly on Vista, have used Vista Boot Pro, EasyBCD and tried OSL2000 all with no success. I can get it to boot to Vista AND start to boot XP but it always hangs up and stalls at CRCdisk.Sys (I think the file is, though it may be CRC.sys) and sometimes hangs up at Mup.Sys. If I have both Vista and XP hooked up and it will boot to Vista, subsequently it will not complete the XP initiation with the Vista HDDs unhooked until I either 'repair' or 'reInstall' XP (I've already had to have Win XP Pro 'reactivated twice!)
If I use EasyBCD and put the boot manager on the XP disks, then I can boot to XP, but Vista does not even show up in the boot menu.
I've wasted way to much time on this already and need to get it working ASAP and move on.
FYI - The PCIe1 card takes priority over the PCI card. It shows both during the boot up if I just have the XP array hooked up, but if I have it running Vista, the PCI/IDE card does not show up in the boot process.
Thanks in advance for any and all help (< 8)