vista problems

My gf has a HP G5056EA and it took a nasty fall today. It made the laptop restart and was stuck on the green wave image on start up. She restarted and got the same thing.
It's saying that windows wouldn't load.
I asked her to unplug it and take the battery out, put it all back and try again. Same result. So I get on the thing and after waiting awhile it finally goes to some "Startup Repair" program.

It does a self check that takes forever, and says it cannot fix the problem. At this point I'm thinking the hard drive was knocked loose, but I'm not sure because it's not saying "hard drive not found" like on xp and previous versions.

I called Gateway, who said the warranty doesn't cover accidents, and that we have to reinstall Vista to see if the hard drive is bad. Great.

So I'm trying to reinstall, I've burned the drivers on my laptop and when I tried to put them on, it said there were no drivers found on the disc. When I just try to install, it sat at copying files for a long time, saying 0%.

Then it said 100% and stuck on "expanding files" , I believe that was the option.

Finally she said (but I didn't notice) the left side of the laptop was shocking her hand.

Sooooo, lol. Where do I go from here?
Sounds like the hard drive was damaged. In that case, startup repair nor a re-install of Vista well help you. Time to start looking for a replacement drive.

Accidential coverage is typically a seperate service you haft to purchase. The standard warranty typically does not cover this.

Your warranty should include parts that malfunction, so just telling them that the hard drive stopped working without including the fact that the laptop was dropped would have worked. Companies well always try to find the cheapest way out as you can see.
the waranty depends on when you bought it. there is a law called the "Sale of goods act". I have used this law to repair my pc last year. According to this law, unless it happened due to fault of yours, the fault might be inherent in the system. But you should use this law as a last resort.
but since your gf dropped it, there is nothing you can do now.

try to replace your internal drive (shouldnt cost more than £ 80).