vista problems



i am also having problems with my laptop
its a hp presarlo c700 with vista home premium built in.
now ive had it for a few months now but recently it has started coming up with a message each time i start it up
its says my recovery manager has stopped working and microsoft will infoem me when it can b fixed. now this has been goin on 4 about a month now and still it keeps popping up on start up and still no fixes.
i thought it might b some of the updates that have been installed but am no a wizz on the pc so dont want to jst start hacking away at the updates and i would prefer not to lose all my information and programes

so please please please if anyone has had this problem and managed to fix it please let me know how
Hello thedugonline, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Try a system restore point from a time in which you weren't getting the message.

To do this: open start menu and start typing out "System Restore" in search until it appears in the list and select it. Follow the instructions in the wizard to revert back to a restore point. You may need to select "Show restore points older then 5 days" in order to see all of the restore points available.

You can also undo a restoration if it doesn't work and you want to try another one/get the computer back to the way it was.
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thanks for the reply

i have looked into doing a system restore
but my come does'nt seem to come up with anything older than yesterday
i tried removing some software that i had instaled yesterday
so the only options it gives is from that point
i need to go bk at least am month
i know in ma friends xp it gives u a calender to choose the date but this does'nt happen with mine.
Vista doesn't use the XP calendar format, just a list of points. It keeps as many as it's got room for, which might take you back weeks, but maybe only days if you've been installing software or using Windows update, (both automatically set a restore point in nearly all cases) and there have been multiple points taken in a short time.
If you've got no points timestamped from before this started happening, then system restore won't be able to help you.
Do you have Windows update set to run automatically invisibly in the background ?
Maybe something in WUD has gone wrong.
Try Running WUD manually and see if it lists anything as having failed.
As long as your system is still working and this is just an annoyance, take the opportunity to back up all of your personal data. (you can move all the User/yourid/ special folders like pictures, documents, videos, and your "mail" folder by altering the "location" tab in properties, so that they're permanently on a drive other than the system drive with Vista)
When you've got all your personal data safely backed up, you'll be able to do a clean install, without losing anything but the time taken to reinstate everything the way you want it, should you decide to take that course, if you can't locate the fix any other way.


Afterthought - You're not dual-booting with XP are you ?
That will reset your Vista restore points if you don't take steps to prevent it.
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cool thanks terry
yeah a tried removing some of the updates 4 vista in case it was summit like that
because on ma old compter i had xp n had prob with the service pack so thought maybe same kinda thing again
yeah so since av done that a can go beyond yesterday.
so av basickly now reset ma comp bk to factory settings
thank god a still have ma music n pics the programes r easy enough to re install/download

so the good news is i no longer have a message coming up
so thanks 4 your help guys
hope a can return the favour one day
Did you try checking the option "Show restore points older then 5 days"?

Unless you have been dual-booting with XP like Terry questions, regually use disk cleanup, or you manually create restore points yourself, the default should keep restore points up to about 3-4 months or so, depending on the ammount of space available to Vista.


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How big is your C:\ disk Justin ? I have a 25Gb Vista partition and it normally keeps 4-6 points (depending on how much other unwanted junk Vista keeps shovelling onto C, despite all my efforts to stop it). I've never even seen that "older than 5" option.
Well that screenshot was taken from my laptop, which only has a 120GB hard drive and Vista only gets 50GB of it. I manage 4 vista machines on a day-to-day basis (2 which are mine) and they all have the option. Misconfigured registry settings are the only thing I can think of for the reason as to why it wouldn't show it on your system.
I imagine it doesn't show if the points don't go back as far as 5 days, which is the norm on my system.
You've got an extra 25Gb worth of points potentially, that'll take you back a lot further.
Well, mine is bigger because in the long run I know more software well be cluttered on it then my XP partition and with 5GB service pack upgrades now days its a must. I would think the option whould be disabled if not applicable rather then non-visible, but with MS who knows...