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Hey i have bought a new computer, wanted to use windows 7 64 bit but the company said that i needed to install vista 64 first and then upgrade to window 7 64 bit. problem is... the install failed, so im stuck now, the vista tells me to go and restart the install... but where? i dont get any way of going into safe mode, i cant start up it thinks theres a operational system there but its failed to install so it just keeps restarting. i've tried so many diffrent things please someone help me.

things i have tried:
restarting with disk
bios menu
changing so cdr thing starts first
trying safe mode and any other option associated with safe mode
The install will fail at the first reboot if you do a temporary boot override to boot the install disk from CD, instead of changing the BIOS to put CD before HDD.
Have you tried to reinstall from scratch since you changed the BIOS boot order ?
sorry but im not that known in the systems, all i know is that the program vista wont let me reinstall, repair or uninstall at all, changing stuff in bios seems to have 0 worth, the comp starts up as it always does. could you explain that first reboot-temporary boot override?
If you have the windows 7 dvd - just boot that and install it. Doesn't matter if it is an upgrade dvd - you can install it by booting the dvd.
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The BIOS will let you make a temporary change to the boot device by use of a hot key as you power on (Confusingly it's F8 on my ASUS mobo, same as the Windows Extended boot menu key, but it will differ depending on your OEM).
If you use that temporary device to boot the installation DVD, when the install gets to the first reboot stage, it will fail because the reboot will go directly to the unfinished OS on the HDD instead of back to the DVD.
You must enter the BIOS setup utility (via "del" on my ASUS, others vary as here)
and change the boot sequence to put CD/DVD before HDD.
Then when you switch on the machine with the Vista DVD in the tray, you will get a message "press any key to boot from CD"
Press a key and the install will start from scratch.
When it gets to any subsequent reboots, you will see the "press any....." message again each time.
Don't press a key, except for the very first time.
Pressing a key starts the install from the beginning.
On the subsequent reboots, let it timeout. It will continue the install from where it previously reached.
i dont have a cd with the window 7 on i got a usb which was supposed to be used but it needed to be upgraded from vista or xp 64bit (no idea why but that is what the info said) and im trying but i dont get into any boot menu, when i press f8 it gets into the same menu as f12 the safe mode n stuff menu. and btw, the cd/dvd is before hdd and it still just starts up like nothing is wrong until i hit the time i need to log in. i will try your idea again terry see if i can get it working but i doubt it ^^ just gotta reconnect first (writing this on my old comp which i luckily didnt format yet :wink:
well how do i then erase what i have already got on the computer of vista? tried the bios menu, the boot menu is on this comp f12 and got safe mode - command promt something like that. but i wondered can you link 2 computers together and then install from 1 pc to anoter? i will be able to show my problem on skype so you might understand what i mean any of you ^^
No, you just need to boot the DVD (normally- in your case the flash-drive) and start the install from scratch.
It doesn't matter if there's a broken system, a working OS or empty space on the HDD, that's not what you're booting.
When you boot the installation medium, it will ask you where you want to put the system you're installing. At that point you can use the "custom" option which will take you to a partition management screen, and from there you can format the previous non-working attempt and reuse the space to install your new version.
i dont think you get the problem, i dont get any of that, even if i start up with flash drive, dvd, cd. i remember the thing you are saying from when i was installing, but the boot menu you talk about is only the 5 commands, normal windows, safe mode, safe mode internet, safe mode command promt, last working (something more i dont remember), the installation doesnt start at all, the computer just starts up regularly then asks to be restart to reinstall, when i restart it just starts up again saying the exact same thing, i could restart 10000x times and it would still say the same
No I'm not talking about the extended boot menu (safe mode, last known good..., etc).
If you are successfully booting the installation medium the first thing you see is
"press any key to boot from CD"
when you press a key you'll get

regardless of what's on the HDD. (the W7 version of course - I just happen to have the VIsta one available)
If you're not seeing the "press any ..." message you're not booting from the right location.
its probably that, but i got no idea how to change that, since i only have that extended boot menu to speak of, nothing else and then bios ofc.