Vista RC1, XP And MacOsX


Hi every one!!!
Frist congratulations for the forum and all work your doinmg.
I have just find this new program and it looks realy good.The thing is than I´ve got a partition of 116GB on a 250Gb hard drive and a second hard drive of 255GB and I would like to install Windows Vista RC1,Xp and MacOsX on diferents partitions in the space of 116GB (all new instalations).Can I do it? How? What orther I have to instal the operatings systems?
Thanks a lot and sorry about my english

PD-The C: Partition is that I wont to format and made the 3 sub partition for the oss


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Hi N-JOY! And welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

EasyBCD will work great for you :smile:

Can you please open:
Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management
And get me a screenshot from there too? That way I know

a) Logical or Primary partitions
b) Layout and order of existing partitions
c) Primary partition count

Thanks :smile:
What drive & partition numbers are you looking to format?

What drive & partition currently has an operating system?
My operating system is on C: (Vista RC1),C: is 116GB space,Im going to do all crear and new instalations,separate C: of 116GB in to C: 58GB ,F: 58GB and G: 58GB, and intall the 3 os clear.
I should Install Vista first,then XP and after MacOsX?what do you recomend?
Thank u
XP -> Vista -> OS X.

Then boot into Vista from the OS X menu, and use EasyBCD to
1) Reinstall the Vista bootloader
2) Add an OS X entry to the Vista bootloader.