Vista ReadyBoost feature for XP

Nuno Brito

I know this would be a popular request for many Windows XP users out there.

Googling around I found a commercial app that provides this feature for our older XP machines but it would be excellent to have an open source version or perhaps a neoBoost program to satisfy this demand.

What do you think?

Look here -->

thanks! :smile:
Considering how bad REadyBoost is for Vista how would this improve XP. I mean with ReadyBoost you have to have less than 1GB of RAM in order to get any use out of it and even then you need at least a 2 to 1 ratio of Flash Memory to regular memory.

So if you had 1GB of RAM you would need 2GB of Flash. Even if you have 2GB you can use the whole thing you can only use 1930MB of it.

As stated anything over a GB of RAM you wont really notice a difference. I tested ReadyBoost on my Laptop (Dell Inspirion 1501) with 1GB and my desktop with 3GB of RAM. Even the Laptop doesnt get any more than 5% of anythign from using a 2GB ReadyBoost enabled Flash drive.

Plus i think this area is for NeoSmart Tech based Ideas. :wink:
Naw, it's OK for members to submit anything they feel would make a good app - but it's got to be a real convinicing idea :smile:

Nuno, you can work around this by manually telling Windows XP to create a paging file on your flash drive.

For instance, in the screenshot below, NEOSMART is my flash drive (yes, it's an old one, not my 4GB LG :smile:)

Simply select "manually create" then specify the size (as big as possible) on your flash drive. Then save, exit, and reboot.

Hope this helps some.


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That seems a nice solution but I meant using this feature on older 256Mb machines.

Will test the pendisk suggestion - thank you!! :smile:
To use on a system that old with that amount of RAM. Yeah you will get a small gain. It isnt like adding a Flash Drive and using it as RAM will give you that amount as RAM. So adding a2GB Flash Drive wont be like adding 2GB of RAM. If anything it will be like adding a 128MB or 256MB stick of RAM. Only cause the flash drive is external and the system recognizes it as a removeable drive it has to act that way. The machine doesnt know when it will be removed and has to constantly write to it.
^ You can change that behavior as well - Device Manager -> Volumes. Right Click-> Properties. Optimization -> Optimize for Best Performance.

Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about
(I'm still not accustomed to it being so easy to take and attach screenshots on vBulletin compared to our old software :smile:)


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