Vista rebooting itself


About a week ago I bought a new Asus G50v laptop. I used it for two days before I brought it with me on a train trip. When there were just a couple of mnutes left to the last stop, i turned off the computer. it then sayed "Cofiguring updates step 3/3 x%". Since I hadn't got the time to wait for this, I turned it off anyway, despite it saying DO NOT TURN OFF THE COMPUTER. The next time I tried to start it up it came to the same updating screen, but didn't show any progress in percentage, it stayed at 0 %. After a couple of seconds in this screen, it rebooted itself, came to the same screen, reboot, etc. etc. To mend this, I tried to enter safe mode and last known good configurations. The second time I tried last known good configurations it instead of rebooting, came to a blue screen looking like the on with the updating text, but without the text. There it stayed, and I have tried to do something in this screen but nothing happened. In this condition I tried to use the windows vista recovery media that came with the computer, but to no use. Instead I found Windows Vista recovery cd on your site and booted the computer with it. This seemed to work and i made a startup repair. After the repair i restarted the computer and came to the updating screen... And the computer rebooted itself, and my first problem were back.
After this I have tried startup repair agiain, but it only says "startup repair could not detect a problem". I have also tried system restore, but since the system is so new, it doesn't have a point to restore to.
What should I do?
Hi Joy, welcome to NST.
Did you actually try system restore ?
Windows update should have created a restore point before beginning the update, so you should have that one at least. If you don't, then it sounds like system restore is turned off.
If so, your only option would seem to be a factory reset to the delivery condition of your PC, using the ASUS media, following the instructions in the documentation that came with the PC.
When you've got it back to the "out of the box" state, check that system restore is turned on, and write a test restore point before you connect to the net and let WUD start again.
Thanks for the fast reply!
I have tried system restore, and when I do, it says "No restore point have been created on your computer's system disk".
The problem is that when I try to boot the "Windows Vista recovery media" that came with the computer, nothing happens. In the manual it says that you should have the cd in the computer, restart and press esc on bootup, and the rest should come automatically. When I do this, nothing happens. Can you think of a possible solution or should I just get a vista cd from a friend or something and do a clean install?
And also, if I do a clean install, will it delete all files on the harddrive or only the partition where Vista is previously installed.
Thanks for your help!
Wait around for a while. Someone else on here will own an ASUS and should be able to advise on how to get into the recovery partition.
Meanwhile, you can check your BIOS to make sure that your CD/DVD drive comes before your HDD in the boot sequence.
Should you have access to a Vista DVD, you can certainly use it to reinstall Vista from scratch, using the serial number from your PC, not the one on the DVD.
It shouldn't affect any other partition as long as you take care to identify the correct one.
Don't go by partition letters (C:\ etc), because the booted DVD will have its own lettering system which will not necessarily match the original letters on your failed Vista.
Identify the correct partition by its volume label if it has one, or by size.