Vista Recover 86


I am not a professional. This is the first time I am here and ask you to forgive me for eventual silly question.
I have problems with Vista Ultimate and I insist on it just because I am stuborn.
Your soft Vista_Recover_Disc.iso x86 would be extremely uselfull to me.
I downloaded it from utorrent, just as instructed and got a ISO file with 123,350 KB.
I tried to make a CD out of this file using Roxio soft, and for 4 times, when slide rule reaches 14/16 %, the computer freezes.
I used a Lenovo T61 and also a desktop with HP writer and same situation happens.
I do not want to enclose the file as it would take time.
If this situation happens with someboby and he got a solution, please let me know.
As an alternative, is there anyway to get the iso file from another source ? Can I download it clear from any site ?
I really would appreciate to get it as it could solve many problems I have now with Vista.
For your attention, I thank you all.
And appreciate your good guidance and return.
Many of us do not have access to broadband and downloading 120 MB vis dial up is impractable. Does anyone know where we can get this on a CD, at a reasonable price of course. Thanks.
There is no place to get it via CD. It is only offered from this site. That is why we offer it via torrent. To accommodate dial up users. Torrents can work on dial up just as well as on broad band.

Plus 120MB is not impractical compared to SP1 of Vista or SP3 of XP as a stand alone download.
If i am closer send me the PM with the address. I will mail it from within the States. Saves on postage.