Vista Recover Advice


Hi There,

I own an Acer 1501AWlmi which i have owned for over a year so is out of warrenty. The laptop came with Vista home installed and a recovery partition (no discs). Unfortunately the hard drive died a while ago and i was only able to get hold of a XP install so installed this on the new hard-drive along with XP drivers i was able to download from Acer site, it works ok but i upgraded to 4gb ram which is not being fully utilised by XP. Now i would like to go back to Vista but do not have access to the OS install as it was on the old hard drives hidden partition. Will the recovery disc allow me to upgrade my XP install to Vista and use my old license key or preferably do a clean install to Vista? If i can get Vista installed again i believe i can download the Vista drivers i need from the Acer website.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Acer want to charge me almost £50 for the recovery discs
For XP you can have it "see" that amount using the /PAE option which can be set on the boot tab of msconfig -> Start -> Run -> msconfig, though if you're not using 64-bit edition of Windows it well not use it. If you're referring to our recovery disc for upgrade to Vista from XP you won't be able to do that. It cannot be used for installation, only for repairs. You'll need to track down a Vista disc either through Acer for a small fee or from a friend and use the product key that came with your computer for activation.
wont i just be in the same position then? I dont really want to go out and buy W7.

i had expected to be able to find an image of the Acer Vista disk i need online but havnt been able to and dont really want to go downloading cracked versions.