vista recovery 64 bit disk error


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I have a acer aspire x1200 my hard drive in it crashed and I bought a new one and downloaded the vista 64 bit recovery disk to try and install vista for my os and when I type in my key it takes it but before its about to install the os a error message comes up sayin "windows cannot open the required file D:\Sources\Install.wim. The file does not exist. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code:0x80070002". Any advice I dont want to have to go out and buy a disk for 200 bucks when I have my key code for the os from my other hard drive.
Hi Brody,

Our recovery discs can be used ONLY for fixing non-booting copies of Windows, NOT for re-installing Windows. You well need to use a recovery set if you've got it or contact Acer for assistance.
You can borrow a full Vista DVD and reinstall using your own key, not the one on the DVD.
Have you tried to access the Acer recovery partition ? (turn on D2D in the BIOS then boot, tapping Alt and F10 together)
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Can't access the recovery partition when hes replaced his hard drive :smile:
Of course perhaps your old hard drive is still perfectly good minus a working OS? You could try replacing the old one and following Terry's instructions.
Yes, sorry. Should have read the first line more carefully.
Unless the original disk "crashed" in the sense that old-timers like me remember with the removable platter, washing-machine-sized HDDs of my youth. (screeching, grinding, clouds of brown oxide dust and a half-million dollar repair bill), then you might be able to mount the old disk and clone the recovery partition across to the new one using a bootable Linux distro