Vista recovery CD did not work after BSOD, can I run chkdsk?

Hi all,
I've just paid for Neosmart's Vista recovery CD after my hard drive decided to stop working (I get a blue screen of death related to a non-functioning NFTS.SYS file. It won't boot Windows or any of the alternative built-in options after pressing F8 on start-up). So I created the NeoSmart CD and ran the automatic repair process without any problems, and it said it was successful, but it seems to have made my problem even worse. Now it won't even get as far as the blue screen, it gets stuck on a loop, repeatedly restarting the system a moment after giving me the options to press F2 or F12.

One of the reasons I paid for the download was because various sites online said I could use it to run the "chkdsk /f" process, which as far as I can make out seems to be my best chance of solving my problem. But I can't see a way of doing this. Is it possible? Or does anyone know of another way to run it when my hard drive seems to be dead? (It is a Dell laptop and I do not have another hard drive to test the non-functioning one.) I've seen online that I could do it with a Vista installation disk, but my laptop did not come with one and I don't know how I can get my hands on one. Any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your help,