Vista Recovery CD loads but nothing comes up.


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Hi, I apologize ahead of time if I did not post correctly, this is my first time using a source like this. When I turn my computer on it automatically loads up Windows Error Recovery, when I use Launch Startup Repair it does not fix the problem and comes up with an error code=0x490, no os filed found on disk, other times when I run the error recovery I get startup repair failed. I downloaded and burned the Vista Recovery Disk, I put it in and hit F12 and I choose load cd/dvd, then hit any key to continue. It acts like it is loading the DVD and then when it's done the screen goes black. How can I get it to load the DVD to get to the Vista Recovery options?

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Hi bh, welcome to NST.
Can you try booting the recovery CD on another fully-functioning PC to check that it burned OK, so we can tell whether the problem is with your PC or the recovery disk.