Vista recovery CD - rar file help - won't burn. Thanks


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need a vista 32b recovery cd so I downloaded the rar file and am stuck now.

when i extract the rar i get 3 files: boot, sources and bootmgr

i tried with imgburn but i get an invalid or unsupported image file format when selecting bootfix (in folder boot), when i try folder sources there's nothing in there to select.

I tried via nero but is even worse as neither boot or sources has any file to select.

I never see bootmgr via imgburn or nereo.

What am i doing wrong, what should i do?

Thanks for your help.
Open imgburn and select the file you downloaded, not the extracted version. Its appearing as a rar file because other programs on your computer have associated with it but its actually a .iso file. Heres the how-to.