Vista recovery disc error

Downloaded 64 bit Vista Recovery Disc from this site and after using disc to boot I am now receiving an error code 0x80070002. My original problem was a missing/corrupt registry file (status:0xc000014C). Any help appreciated!
When-after my wife tried to boot up screen went to black with error code 0xc000014c, missing/corrupt registry file

Where-in the computer-Gateway GT5438 Vista Home Premium Dual Core 64 bit 1.8GHz 2MB L2 cache 800Mhz FSB 320GB SATA II 2048 MB DDR2

What-you tell me your the "guru"

I have tried to boot with the 64bit recovery disc with no success. Recovery disc made without issues. I have received an error code 0x80070002 and an error telling me I have the "wrong version" after the English language screen is chosen and "repair" is clicked on the bottom of the next screen. I have run a Windows memory diagnostic which is all I am able to do in the black screen state. I cannot connect to safe mode. I believe I will remove the hard drive and copy to an external HDD and maybe download an OS other than Vista.
That error usually means you need to use 32-bit instead of 64-bit recovery disc (or vice versa).

Try using the 32-bit disc and run System Restore from there.