Vista recovery disc not doing it for me...


I have a user who is experiencing a problem with his computer. When he starts it, it says bootmgr could not be found.

After googling the message I came across this site and downloaded the recovery disc.

The disc starts upp OK but I cant fix anything. If i try to use any of the "buttons" it complains and says that it cant identify any OS installed.

I also tried using command prompt and using bootrec.exe but I get the same answer.

The setup is:
HP 6510b
Windows Vista Business Swedish

Does anyone have any hints?

Hi Daniel, welcome to NST.
I've had a similar problem when the boot got broken and booting the Vista DVD found no Vista installation to repair when I knew there was one.
The problem was that I have a SATA/IDE disk mix and the Vista DVD boot was confused about the correct location of the boot partition.
The solution was to temporarily disconnect the IDE disk, repair the Vista boot (it found Vista when there was no IDE causing confusion) then connect the IDE again.
I don't know if this applies in your case, but it's worth a check.
Im not sure that this will apply to this computer. It's standard HP laptop delivered with Vista pre-installed. Shouldnt the recovery disc be able to locate the hard disk drivers?
If it's a laptop, you're right, it's hardly likely to be the same thing.
It sounds like there might be some insurmountable HDD damage.
Is there any way you can access the disk from another PC to rescue any user data ? because it sounds like you might end up using the recovery partition (I assume it has one) to reinstall.