vista recovery disc not working


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When I turn on my laptop I get the start in safe mode, start windows normally options, when I choose any of them my screen goes black with just the cursor. From what I've been able to find its most likely because of a virus and I need to use the vista restore disc which I dont have. So I burned a copy but when I put it in my computer nothing changes. I get the same options and the same result. I'm not sure if im doing something wrong or if my computer is just totally screwed. If anyone has any suggestions that'd be awesome.
Our repair ISO cannot reinstall your OS. It isn't a free copy of Vista, it's just the MS repair disc for fixing a broken boot.
Your boot isn't broken (you can get to the safe mode menu), your OS is broken.
You should be able to access a hidden recovery partition on your PC by hitting a particular key as you power-on (depending on the make, could be F11 Alt-F10 etc - check your User Handbook)
Before you do so, and lose all of your user files, you can rescue them like this
and you might want to see if anything here can help you past the black screen

If you were unable to boot the ISO, chances are you'll have the same problem with a Linux rescue CD, and you'll need to alter your BIOS boot sequence to put CD before HDD.
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