vista recovery disc problem


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I downloaded the vista recovery .iso and burned the image using ImgBurn, and it said everything was successful, and so I restarted my comp to boot off the disc to save my other harddrive.

It prompts me to press any key to boot from CD or DVD, and I do. Then it has a screen that says "Loading Windows Files", and when its done loading, it goes to the Vista loading screen, and then I get the BSOD I'm trying to fix.

I, like a lot of people have the missing/corrupt winload.exe problem. When I boot from disc I'm not given any options at all, it just loads some files, begins to load vista, and then it crashes. Did I do something wrong or am I just utterly screwed? I have access to all the data and most of the important stuff is backed up but I don't have a copy of windows so as you can imagine I don't wish to buy a new copy of Windows but I suppose if I have to I will lol.
Looks like you might need to if you don't have a recovery set to put the computer back to the factory defaults. You could try contacting the manufacturer to see if you can get a replacement for a lower cost compared to buying a new license.