vista recovery disk - bootsect.exe


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Hi Thanks for your help with this.

I have used your disk and have got to a window 'system recovery options'
It recognises the main partition that ran vista and can see it on the D drive
It also recognises the recovery manager partition but states its location as 'unknown'
I have run through automatic repairs on both partitions

For the recovery manager partition it keeps coming back with 'startup repair cannot repair this window automatically' and has with it a number of details - 'problem signatures' - as well as some error codes 0x0 and 0x57

But this window is ontop of another window saying 'startup repair could not detect a problem!' saying you should remove any devices eg camera attached which there aren't - attached to this window are some error codes 0x0 and 0x57

When I try to repair the other partition - ie vista on the D drive it saying similar things although only error codes are 0x0 which I guess may not be errors at all

I have downloaded bootsect.exe from the BCD bin folder

I created a restore disc with bootsect.exe in the boot file but I had to do this by dragging all the folders off the disc first, then putting bootsect into the boot folder then saving all of this onto a new disk but this wasn't recognised by the cmd prompt - I could just drop bootsect into the boot folder of the restore disc I had already created and I couldn't created a new disk with imgburn with bootsect in either - any ideas what I can do next?
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Get our Windows 7 recovery disc, it should have bootsect on it. Might need to run chkdsk before startup repair works:

chkdsk D: /r