vista recovery disk help


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ok well im not having a very good day:huh:

i put the recovery disk in laptop aspire 5315-2142

restarted computer pressed F8 and the thing came up gave me theese options

startup repair

system restore

windows complete pc restore

windows memory diagnostic tool

command prompt

ok well if i click

system restore there are no earlir points to pick and if i click windows complete pc restore the is no backup

WAT DO I DO i want my pc to be the way it was when i bought it and its not workin help plz
Hello baal, welcome to NST.
Try Startup Repair (2-3 times, since it can only repair one thing per pass, and you may have several problems).

EDIT: Oh, and on second thought, what exactly is your computer doing? What error message?
Hi Baal, welcome to NST.
Our recovery disk is for repairing a broken boot. It contains no Windows installation files. You can't use it to install/reinstall Vista.
You need to power-on your PC whilst simultaneously tapping Alt and F10.
That will access the Acer hidden recovery facility which you can use to reinstall Vista, or to do a factory reset of your PC.
If you want to save your user files before they get overwritten, get yourself a Linux bootable system, boot it from the CD, and use it to save your files to external storage first.