Vista Recovery Disk iso


I downloaded and saved Vista_Recovery_Disk.iso.torrent. Downloaded, saved and opened utorrent, then went to File/Add Torrent and clicked on Vista_Recovery_Disk.iso.torrent. After a few seconds I got a popup: Torrent Error, Access Denied. What's up? I'm new to torrents and don't know if I did something wrong, please help! :scared:

Also, [FONT=verdana,arial]Port 52362 is open and accepting connections. I have Zone Alarm set allow uTorrent accross the board.[/FONT]
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Why dont you try downloading the torrent file again.
I just tried it and its working. With around 250 seeds and only 40 leechers.
Still getting error

Tried again but still getting the error msg. According to, my ISP is not blocking port 52362. :frowning: