Vista Recovery Disk - Loads ophcrack

Following a 'clean up'????, my Vista is not loading not even safe mode. Installed old version of XP into /winxp which loads ok . Don't have Vista installation disk so have downloaded Vista Recovery Disk, however when boots, the system loads Ophcrack ??? This area of booting files is all new to me, am I doing something wrong? Thanks :wtf:


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Where did you get the recovery disk ?
Doesn't sound like it came from here, more like it's trying to data-mine your system.
Oops, my son inadvertently burned recovery files to a cd containing Linux boot files. Ok have now managed to recover Vista - Brilliant! However, Recovery appears to have created a user 'Administrator' (in addition to existing 'Admin') and I can't get access permission to \windows\system32 to replace msoert2.dll for Windows Mail. The new user Administrator doesn't appear at login or under user control -


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The easiest way to circumvent Windows permissions and ownership problems, is not to use Windows.
Get yourself a free download of a live Linux distro, burn it to a CD, boot it in "try without changing my PC" mode (not install), and replace/rename/move your Windows files to your heart's content.

this is my first time, I have downloaded Windows vista recovery and followed instruction as given, and booted but it took me to linux. Is there anything that I am doing wrong? Please help me out...


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The new Recovery Environment is Linux based. You use that to fix your Windows install. You didnt follow the instructions to complete the repair process only the boot process.