vista recovery disk wont download

Hey, I am trying to torrent the Windows Vista 32-Bit (x86) Recovery Disc Torrent off your website, but there are no seeders so its not downloading at all. I have been looking all around your website for a direct download but can't, so I was wondering if somene here who has it could send it to me or seed it for me.

Also, I'm not exactly sure if I want the 32 bit or 64 bit. My friend said I should just choose the 32 bit :tongueout: I dont really know a whole lot about computers, but if I did happen to have a 64 bit vaio, would that ruin it to use the 32 bit recovery disk?

On another note, is this recovery disk my last resort? I can't even load windows so im really sure its a boot problem. My Vaio laptop has some sort of a hard drive scanner and I ran that, it said one of the boot files were corrupted or missing, but it was not able to fix it. I have some files on there, not that they are super important, but would be a bitch to have to re-do. Though I have a compsci assignment due in a week and I need to fix my laptop soon or I wont have time to finish it.
Are you trying to do this from a work computer ?
Most companies prohibit the use of torrents. Try it at home.
You will need the appropriate version. The wrong one will do no damage, it just won't work.
There is no direct download link. When there was one initially, Chinese hotlinks caused a year's bandwidth to be consumed overnight. This is a not-for-profit site, we can't afford it.
Rescue your data like this if you need it in a hurry.
thank you, the files finaly seeded and I am burning the iso image now, I will also burn ubantu live cd aswell just incase this dosnt work. thanks very much!