Vista Recovery Disk (x64)


Good day, internet people.

I had the 'Error Loading Operating System' message when I tried to boot Vista Home Basic x64 one day, and so I used the x64 recovery disc hosted on this site.

So anyway, I got past the error message, and I pressed any key, windows loading files, Vista loading bar appeared, and then... nothing. Black screen.

Can Anyone help?

Thanks for your time.
Hi Echofox, welcome to NST.
The ISO recovery disc, is just that. It only contains the recovery environment to repair a Vista boot or to let you enter system restore. There are no Vista installation files on there to let you do a full install.
If your Vista needs reinstalling, rather than restoring, you'll need to follow the instructions that came with your PC if you don't have a Vista DVD.
Oh, I'm going to have to do a full reinstall?

ooohhhhhh nnoooooo. So, not loading the login screen is indicative of a broken OS?

I didn't even do anything to it to make it do this. As in, I didn't change any settings or anything. Well, thanks for your help.
Try "last known good configuration" or system restore back to a time when it was OK before reinstalling.
Might save you a lot of effort.
Oh, I would love to, but I never even get the option to do it. I have never got past the Error Loading OS message when I switch on, since this morning. It's weird because most of these threads about this error seem to occur because people have installed an earlier OS as well as Vista, and it's messed up their boot somehow, but I've done nothing like that.

If there is some cool way to use the last good configuration or use system restore from the boot options, that would be great. (Even though I doubt it exists)


Tell you what: is there any way to replace the MBR from the boot options? Perhaps run FixMBR?

That's the only thing I can think of right now to fix it.
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You're pressing F8 as the system boots (Before the OS loads, but imediately following POST)? That should give you the menu to access last known good configuration, etc.
Yeah, I know what you mean but the system can't get to the point where that menu will either show itself or appear by me prompting it to appear. The OS just doesn't load.

I'm working on getting a Vista CD to repair the OS from, although I strongly suspect it's something to do with the MBR.

Thanks again for your advice