vista recovery disk

hi i have downloaded the recovery disk then burnt it using imgburn but nothing on reboot my son wiped my dell computer and replaced vista with xp but now none of my 3d graphics are avalible to use as it wont read the disk with all the drivers saying only compatible with vista but as it gose did not get a vista disk with the computer
it is a dell dimension C521.:frowning:
So he wiped the drive. Did he wipe the recovery partition as well? If so then you will have to contact Dell to get the disc's or see if it is still under warranty to get ti fixed by them.
Hi ladysunrise, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

As you've figured out by now, the Vista Recovery Disc can't be used to install Vista once its been removed - only get it working when it's broken.
thanks for your help we are not under warranty as we lost everything in the 2006 bushfire and the computer was given to us through red cross from dell but did not come with warranty.
thanks any way have a great day
Sorry to hear of your problems ladysunrise.
Try to find someone with a Vista DVD (your son should be given this task - he owes you)
Reinstall Vista from scratch on your PC, quoting the serial number attached to your computer (not the one on the DVD). This is perfectly legal - the serial number on your PC is your license to run Vista. All Vista DVDs are identical except for the serial number - It doesn't matter whether it says Basic or Ultimate on the package - every flavour of Vista is on the DVD, just the serial number on your PC will tell it which version to install.
You could request a DVD from Dell by giving them the serial number...

You'll probably still haft to pay a small price, but that is better then paying full for a new DVD.
thanks guys have tryed dell they dont want to know unless i pay over one hundred dollars for new warrenty.and have askes every one i know about a vista disk but no luck.
have a great day
$100+ for a warranty just to get a disc?

I'd throw a fit!!

I think a new disc would be $200 or so though, so maybe it isnt such a bad tradeoff if you can get a warranty for your computer + the disc for less then that. If you consider this option though, make sure you pay no more then $20 for the disc. You might as well just get a new one if its anything more then that.

Not that I'm defending them though. I feel your pain. I spent a good month fighting and pleading with them to send out a new motherboard for my brand new desktop since the orginal one it had had integrated components that were failing (graphics, sound, etc)
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