Vista Recovery Disk


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Does windows Vista X64 recovery disk work with 32 bit operating system? If not where can I find the download for the 32 bit system?

I have downloaded and installed the EasyBCD 1.7.2 software. Now how do I create a bootable CD-ROM as an emergency recovery/repair disk?

I have not found any threads or docs on porting the EasyBCD to a Vista-bootable CD-R.
Hi cshipman, welcome to the boards.
You don't put EasyBCD on a bootable CD. It's an editor for the Vista BCD, which supplements the command line facility provided my MS, with a nice friendly GUI. You install it to a working Vista system and execute it from there.
The bootable repair disk is basically the repair and recovery section of a Vista installation DVD (minus the installation files) and can be used to recover the Vista bootloader when it's been broken (usually by installing XP over the top).
Follow the link in post 2 to find the two versions (32 and 64 bit). All the instructions are available as links from the same page.