Vista Recovery Disk


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I've been trying to download the x86 torrent at Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download at The NeoSmart Files. However, the network I'm on blocks downloading torrents, and I tried getting a friend to download it for me and uploading it to my ftp server, but he said there are no seeds.

Does anyone have this iso file somewhere on their computer? I would really appreciate it if someone could upload it somewhere for me to download.

Thank you. I appreciate your help in advance.

EDIT: I just read the other thread about other websites hotlinking the file. If you have it somewhere, you can PM me the link. If you don't have a place to upload it to, you can PM me and I'll give you a place to upload it to. Thanks.
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there is well over 230 seeders on the file. I jsut checked as i am uploading it myeslf. So your firend must not have his torrent client setup right.