vista recovery disk


I burned an image three times, twice with windows 7 and once with imageburn. I used the md5 checksum (They all three passed) and still get the same error with all three disks.
The disk boots ok and takes the activation code but then says "installation cancelled" cannot open the required file E:\sources\install.wim.
The only file I have in the sources directory is boot.wim
also it gives an error code 0x800700002 and says restart the installation
I'm trying to repair an acer aspire 5100, can't get the recovery partion to come up with ctrl f10 or ctrl f11, I'm not sure its all there anyway, doesn't look right.
I read thru the threads and none of them had my error. Has anyone else had this problem?
Hi Sharon, welcome to NST.
There's a big note on the wiki page which says

"IMPORTANT - You CANNOT use this disk to Install or Re-Install Vista. IT CONTAINS NO INSTALLATION FILES
The "Install now" button on the main screen will NOT work"

You can only use the recovery disk to access a small set of Vista recovery tools which will enable you to repair the boot process, initiate System Restore or enter the Recovery Console.

All of these are accessed by the "repair your computer" link at the bottom left.

I'm sorry, I was under the impression that I could get to the repair function of vista (We've uploaded a copy of a CD that contains the contents of the "Repair your computer" section of the Windows Vista DVD).
I know its not an installation disk .
Thank you for your kind reply and hope you enjoy the donation
I'm sorry, I was under the impression that I could get to the repair function of vista
You can get to the repair function of Vista by clicking on "Repair My Computer" at the first screen you get to, while booted from the DVD. Then in the list of programs you can open, select Startup Repair.



Thank you for the helpful hint, there were still files missing so I just got a copy of vista and repaired it from the console.
Thanks again:smile:
What files were missing Sharon ? Do you mean bootsect ?
That's mentioned in the wiki too.
MS included it on early Vista distributions, but not later.
The MS recovery disk we host here, (it's not ours - it is MS's) was a later build.
The Vista DVD you borrowed must be an early one, like mine.
The wiki also mentions you can find it in the EasyBCD bin folder.

Glad you've sorted your problem anyway.