Vista recovery partition, how to get it?


I'd like to try and get the Vista from the "recovery partition" to make a regular Vista Installation CD/DVD.
Is there a way, if it's possible?

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You have to go to the specific PC manufacturer's website to get instruction's on how to do this from them. Each PC Manufacturer is different. They each have their own way to create this CD/DVD. So only they will be able to tell you how to do it. :wink:
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I all ready went to them(Acer) and they want me to purchase the disks, that's crazy.
Is there a way to view whats on that partition? It's listed as PQSERVICE, I think, I'm at work right now, can't re-check it.

You might be able to hit F12 or F8 during boot to access that drive. That is how most manufacturer's allow for a user to get ont here and check the partition and use them. Maybe that could work for you as well?
You are very sensible to try and create these disks. You should have something in your programs list which enables you to create recovery dvd's from your recovery partition.
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Sadly Acer doesnt have anything like that in their start menu. I know of only Dell and HP Computer's that actually do have this in their start menu. Some manufacturer like Acer hide the fact they put a recovery partition on the PC till something goes wrong and you have to pay money to contact their support people.

That is how they sucker more $$ out of people.
I would consider checking the partition filesystem (i.e., is it FAT32 or NTFS, etc.) and mounting it with an appropriate operating system with support for that filesystem.

Once you've done that, you can take a look at the contents and see if you can't figure out what they've done and how to take that and convert it to an installation DVD.
Thanks for the replies.
I ended up using a Vista Ultimate disk and used my Home Premium key to install.
Now I have a nice clean Vista with out all the Acer BS :wink: