Vista Recovery Problems


Alright, I start up the disk, the disk finds my vista partition but when it says which drive letter it says unknown and then puts the name after a space I had given the drive which was OS. How can I make the recovery disk tell me which drive letter I am where I can fix it. I messed with easy bcd and messed it up so bad that it wants an ntldr file which isnt used in Vista...
I ve just lost my vista operating system!!

Hi there, is there anybody capable of answering me about this question? I ve just deleted my vista operating system trying to install fedora linux, there is any way to dowload a boot cd or dvd to re installed it, or should I have to buy it?? thanks!
Welcome to NST Polo,
Does your PC have an OEM recovery partition you can use to reset to factory condition, or have you borked that too ?
The recovery disk(s) on this site will not help you. They're basically for fixing a broken boot and contain no Vista installation files.
If you have no hidden recovery partition (try f11 at power-up to access it or whatever your OEM procedure is (should tell you in your user handbook)), then you could borrow a Vista DVD from a friend and do a clean install.
It doesn't matter what level of Vista DVD (basic to ultimate). If you quote the serial number on your PC not the one on the DVD, it will reinstall the correct version of Vista that your licence (the PC serial number) entitles you to.
You most likely chose the merged guided option during the installation. In this case, it should have resized the Windows partition to make room for Linux. If Vista/Longhorn appears as an entry in the menu you get when you boot the computer, select it and see if Vista will boot up. If it does, recover the Vista bootloader using EasyBCD. Instructions here.

If not, you'll need to download the recovery disc from here and attempt startup repair. Instructions here. This disc cannot re-install Windows, but only repair existing installations that will not boot.

The last and final step will be a re-install. You'll need to borrow from a friend or otherwise obtain a Vista disc to re-install with, using the product key on the sticker on your computer.