Vista Recovery Recovery options - Operating System not listing

DJ Joel

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Hello, As You Can See Im Having the same problem as to the user Anil

I am using Acer Aspire 5570Z laptop with preinstalled windows vista home premium.
I tried to boot using win98 boot disk and formated one drive & tried ot install win 98, but not succeeded. After that vista was not loading. I was having Acer Recovery DVDs. I tried with that also. No result. I Have the Exact Same Laptop And When I boot Up the Cd Everythin Goes Fine until It Says "E Drive And that It Cannot Find the Source Of Installing" Can Anybody Please Help Me Thanks Alot.
vista recovery iso still not booting

error loading operating system is the error message i recieve.. so i dloaded the recovery disc just fine but it still wont boot even after i change the order in the bios.. NOW W?HAT????.. please help
Our recovery disc can only be used to fix a non-booting copy of Windows, not to actually re-install Windows.